Mark Malleson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mark Malleson Photography (Mark Malleson Photography) Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:07:00 GMT Sat, 12 Aug 2017 18:07:00 GMT Mark Malleson Photography: Blog 90 120 T060C off of Victoria T060C during a seal hunt at the mouth of Victoria Harbour on the afternoon of August 11th

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T034 near Dungeness Spit on the afternoon of July 10th

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T124A T124A packing a chunk of seal in Haro Strait on the afternoon of May 22nd


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T124D & T086A1

T124D and T086A1 in Sansum Narrows on the morning of April 20th

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Spirit Deer of James Island The Spirit Deer of James Island leading the herd along the beach on the afternoon of April 4th

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J27 J27 in the process of catching a likely winter chinook on the morning of March 12th off Victoria's waterfront

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Big seas and whales T060C north east bound in Race Passage on February 26th 

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February is Transient month! T019B helping thump a steller sea lion near Saltspring Island on the afternoon of February 23rd. 

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The T085's are back The T085's celebrating after a seal kill near Kelp Reef on January 27th. According to CWR records, Mark has not seen these whales since 2011. We hope they will become more regular visitors to the area! 

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California Transients back in the hood Big bull CA166 on January 23rd southwest of Race Rocks @markmallesonphotography 

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Humpback & Killer Whale sharing herring in Norway Norwegian killer whales and humpback whales share the waters off of Andenes, North Norway on January 12th 2017. 

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L103 with neonate porpoise L103 pushes around a lifeless neonate harbour porpoise after tormenting it for 15 minutes and drowning it on the morning of August 13th in Race Passage @markmallesonphotography

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Another Fin Whale Another Fin Whale visits the waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait. This individual was seen on the morning of July 9th off of Jordan River.

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Short Beaked Common Dolphins visits Victoria! A short beaked common dolphin near Victoria on the afternoon of June 16th! @markmallesonphotogrpahy

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J34 skinny breach J34 appears to be skinner than he should. Here he is in Sidney Channel on April 28th

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Celebration of joy!

T036A2 celebrating after a predation event on April 20th @markmallesonphotography

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T102 T102 north bound south of Discovery Island on April 18th @markmallesonphotography

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T049A1 with Steller T049A1 harassing a Stellar sea lion in Middle Channel on April 12th 

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Gray Whale off Victoria Waterfront Gary whale east bound off of Victoria's waterfront on the morning of April 6th

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T049A1 T049A1 high speed porpoising east along the north shore of Mayne Island on April 6th @markmallesonphotography

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